Anonym Plant : the ghost of Macunaïma

Giudicelli & Reding

Premiere Tanzhaus Zürich Sept. 6th, 2019

Music Grégoire Paultre Negel Make-up/performance Valérie Reding Production : Femto Practice Co-production Tanzhaus Zürich

The relationship to the Other is defined by predation that does not aim to assimilate its prey as the consumer of the modern world would. It’s more about connecting to it in order to reveal the value of the link.“ (Cannibal Metaphysics by Viveiros de Castro)

Being both cannibalistic and cannibalized : these are the dynamics at the heart of our defensive behaviors. Anonymous Plant: the Ghost of Macunaïma offers an unusual practice, a “letting go” through disorientation and through dance. It reverses the spectator-performer relationship and attempt to mislead the fear that arise from non-verbal inter-relationships. Starting by blurring our “human-too-human” contours with facial metamorphosis, one might allow identity shifts and .

As the main inspiration stands Eduardo Viveiros de Castro who offers a vision of anthropology as “the practice of the permanent decolonization of thought.” After showing that Amazonian and other Amerindian groups inhabit a radically different conceptual universe than ours—in which nature and culture, human and nonhuman, subject and object are conceived in terms that reverse our own.