Domestic Fog

Giudicelli, Insignares, Foussadier

The sublime revolution of the domestic work – The glorious homework – Its dance.

The exterior lives inside, the interior becomes spectacular: yes, an act of exteriorisationof the interiors. The domestic environment is charged with traces. Dirt. The traces we want to erase. 48 billion hours spent in domestic work, against 41 billions of professional work. The steady fulfillment of the elevated everyday duties. Domestic work has feelings and ideas. It will express itself through words and gestures – Affected bodies – diligent bodies – dowsers of the ultra-normal – As Zizek says, ideology is at work, precisely where you think you will not find it.

18-19.9.2015 Festival GASTSPIELE Züriberg, Zürich (CH)

Residency : Tanzhaus Zürich (CH)