Giudicelli & Mandafounis

Workshop at Cie Gira Dança Natal Brazil

The accomplices are swept up in a real-time dramaturgical process that becomes the container of bodies and various stories. In this work each artist carries and defends the acts of the other as if they were his own. Each dancer is a witness to the other and accompanies every move, through all possible risks. The individual reactions emerge from the proliferation of urgency. They become catalysts for one another, acting in resonance. As a witness, the audience contains the story.

RESIDENCY  September 26th to October 22th, 2016, Natal, Brazil  PREMIERE October 24th, 2016, Natal, Brazil  TOUR 8-11 December 2016, Flux Laboratory, Geneva, Switzerland // 25 march 2017, Teatro Casa Ribeira, Natal, Brazil // 8 October 2017, Mostra de Artes Teatrais Integradas, Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Dance : René Loui, Manuel Castomo Mussandza, Diogo Ricardo Workshop / Choreography : Émilia Giudicelli Choreographic collaboration with Ioannis Mandafounis and Alexandre Américo Coordination : Mélanie Fréguin, Arnaldo Siqueira Technical direction : David Kretonic

Production / overseas culture interchange, cumplicidades-associação de artistas integrados + supported by / swiss arts council pro helvetia, state of geneva, artlink – cultural cooperation + partners festival / cena cumplicidades (recife, br), flux laboratory (geneva, ch), universidade federal do rio grande do norte-deart-ppgarbr (natal, br), palco gira dança (natal, br), teatro de cultura popular (natal, br)