Mandafounis & Giudicelli

Performance 1 to 1Nu offers to the spectator to experience nudity in its simplest form. Invited by the dancer to participate in a ceremony where by both bodies will get undressed and be naked in a confined space the spectator will witness the dancing body. Ioannis and Emilia dismantle the theatrical space to engage only the « essential ».

Recommended piece at the Swiss Dance Days 2019


Performa festival Losone (CH) –  21-23.4.2017

Fête de la Danse Genève 2017 (CH) – 6.-7.5.2017

Festival Circo Massimo Bologna (IT) – 10.-11.5.2017

Fête du Slip Lausanne (CH) – 13.5.2018

Palazzo delle Esposizioni Roma (IT) – 30.5.19

Concept and choreography Ioannis Mandafounis, Emilia Giudicelli
Lights David Kretonic

Production management Mélanie Fréguin
Production Cie Ioannis Mandafounis

Co-production performa festival, Prairie Migros Pour-cent Culturel
Partners Tanzhaus Zürich, Micro-Utopian Practices