ROUTINE, a documentation in real time

Giudicelli, Arendt, Fried

DURATION: 8 hours 

4.+ 10.+12.3.2017 / Gessnerallee Zürich    15.+ 17.6.2017 / Mousonturm Frankfurt

We invite to 8 hours of transition: rituals of time and space shifting reinvent the sharing of experience. Familiarities are repetitively merged with foreign routines. 3 memories overlay, contradict and complement the performers’ expansion into the space organism; there is joy for subtle changes transforming common ground. There is a need to keep track of time. 8-hour routine. 8-hour rest. 8-hour interaction. Dance shifts the way we memorize. 8 performers remember differently. In the intersection of the shared emotions and images, we address each other in search for a documentation of real time. Deceleration becomes essential in order to realize how these 8 hours are passing.

ROUTINE is based on a research of the collective Fluoressenz (Émila Giudicelli, Samuel Fried, Ayla Pierrot Arendt) in the everyday structures of Japan. Dance, music and space-choreography reconsider artistic translation strategies for a convergence that keeps its distance to the original without differentiation. It is the parallel, incomparable co-existence that has irresistible offers to the time of each other.

Concept/Creation : Émilia Giudicelli, Ayla Pierrot Arendt, Samuel Fried

Dancers : Laura Susanna Burgener, Simon Fleury, Reut Nahum, Marcella Moret, Benjamin Sunarjo

Costume: Kristin Gerwien

Light: Pasi Pehkonen – Audio installation: Fabian Gutscher

Live cooking: Manuel Phil. Bischof

Production management: Eva Winkler-Ebner

Co-production of Fluoressenz, Gessnerallee Zürich, Mousonturm frankfurt.

Support : Stadt Zürich, PRO Helvetia, Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Tanzhaus Zürich