TEST #oostende


02.07.17 Dansand ! Festival Ostende, Belgium   

Durational performance from 12:00 to 20:00

Performance: Emma Desmedt, Jan Lietaert, Josiane Maet, Jozefien Verbrugghe, Karlien De Savoye, Sarah Spruyt

After a residency of 3 days with a group of 6 performance-artist based in Ostende. The act of presence TEST stretches over a period of 8 hours. TEST in Ostende is the second version of the first TEST in Tokyo.

We had chosen a neuralgic public location on the sea front of Oostende. This act of durational presence was echoing the observation of the philosopher Michael Marder. His article Resist Like A Plant, inspired by the Occupy protesters illustrates the expression of bodies sustaining their political concerns in a creative way. The plant’s relation to its milieu is indeed non-appropriative and consciously non-intentional. With TEST #Oostende, I proposed to look at the fiction grounded in the vegetal heritage and its influence onto the human sphere. It did not demand especially attention from the viewers, but rather claimed to fully inhabit its eco-system.

See the programm :  https://dansand.kaap.be/programma/test