TEST #tokyo



Residency April 2017 at Paradise AIR

with Kanemaki, Bando, Mori, Kato, Wataru, Nishikawa

16.4.2016 Matsudo, Tokyo Japan

After all, dissimilar to plants, we are able to choose our place and, subsequently, to dwell by making the place our own, which is something the Occupy protesters have done in a creative way. The plant’s relation to its milieu is, precisely, non-appropriative, even though it may indirectly effect certain changes in its environment. Purely vegetal beings do not protest, do not set themselves against anything, or do not negate what is. With TEST, I propose to look at the fiction grounded in the vegetal heritage of the human and to investigate non-appropriative way of being.  TEST is a choreographic dispositive conceived for a public space. It is not exactly a performance, but an 8 hours-long presence . It implies an auto-regulated organization that interferes in many ways with the people passing by. The piece composes itself in real-time according to the site and the situations. TEST does not want to obey the law of spectacle. It is at work and concentrated. It tends to puzzle with reality and welcome new ones. It does not necessarily demand attention from people and potential viewer, but rather claims to fully inhabit its eco-system. 

 For TEST we visit principles of “instant composition” based on the intelligence of plants and the ways they survive, co-exist and network. Basic rules : As TEST is a practice for everyone; the viewer can become a mover as well.