White Window

Giudicelli & Paultre Negel

Live Streaming April 15th, 2018

Production : Institute for Micro-utopian Practices Coproduction Gessnerallee Zürich

The white cube is yet warped by anamorphic transplantations and is above all populated. It took them 13 days to wander forest around the city and build its vegetal presence. An ecosystem of plants, images and bacterias is settling now. If one sees the forest as the place for psychic perdition, wilderness leads to vegetal traces, foreshadows photographs and intelligent behaviours. From Tuesday 3rd to Sunday 15th April, 2018 the moon is indeed descending until its full obscurity It is dark in the white cube. Only sheds of light reveal forgotten rocks and mythologies. Soon sheets of paper unfold into leaves, slowly revolving their vital changes.And “We- spectator” oscillate in and out the phytosocial nucleus of the “White Window”.

Complete video here