We met to discuss the values of birds


Workshops March to April 2017  Mansion Beirut + Station Beirut

After a series of one-to-one session in the studio or around a tea, we clarified together an interest, and elaborate a way to embody it. The final form is a dance experiment of co-existence within the logic of composing in real-time. We have worked individual forms for each of the 13 dancers/artists. Each “solo” would last about 30 min and had to co-exist with other solos simultaneously in the final structure. There were about 4-5 sessions/per person. A session lasted about 2 hours.

Dancers and artists : Mohammad Alkansa, Dasha Amer, Romy Assouad, Omar Dilati, Sirine Fattouh, Alia Hamdan, Nivine Kallas, Christy Khoury, Elissa Mansour, Yara Qtaish, Feras Rajjoub, Ahmad Shaaban, Tarek Succar      Musician : Inger Hannisdal      Coordination : Mélanie Fréguin      Technical management : David Kretonic

Production : Overseas Culture Interchange   Support : Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon , Flux Laboratory Genève